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Posts By:Aditi Mishra

2 fishermen boats in a lake- Bangladesh

In focus: John Hoddinott (Impact Evaluations lead)

John Hoddinott (Professor, Cornell University and Impact Evaluations lead on our programme) grew up dreaming of being an ice hockey player but ended up dedicating his life to understanding the causes and consequences of poverty, hunger and undernutrition in developing countries.

Poverty in Tanzania: significant movement but no net gain

Using innovative statistical methods, we reveal that Tanzania’s steady national poverty rate masks a much more precarious reality for households.

Poverty in Myanmar: upward mobility has been likely for many – but not for all

By applying innovative statistical methods to Myanmar’s most recent survey data, we reveal the factors that may have made escaping poverty more or less likely for different households.

Poverty in Mozambique: immobility and widespread vulnerability

Using innovative statistical methods, we provide new insights into Mozambique’s existing household data and reveal a more complex picture of poverty persistence and widespread vulnerability.