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How can we end extreme poverty?

Improved evidence on what works, for whom, where, and how will inform decisions about the design and implementation of the policies and investments that aim to end extreme poverty. Evaluating how interventions do or don’t succeed in reducing extreme poverty, and communicating these lessons to create solutions that work, will be a key aim of this research area.

Our research will go beyond assessing impact as an intervention ends to also investigate how the lives of extremely poor people have been affected positively, or negatively, over the longer-term. We will build the evidence base both around how innovations in programme design and implementation can more effectively support extreme poverty reduction as well as what it means to implement investments to tackle extreme poverty at scale. As we build this understanding and develop ideas for improved policies and programmes we will collaborate with governments, organisations, and institutions to implement the solutions that will help end extreme poverty.

In 2022, we will be launching a series of research competitions for research that will generate evidence about solutions for reducing extreme poverty in our focus countries. Sign up to our newsletter [link] to make sure you hear about these as they launch!

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