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At DEEP, we aim to help uncover new data, ideas, and solutions to support the change that is needed to end extreme poverty. Soon you will be able to search our Resource Centre for our latest insights, including publications and other materials.

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Locating extreme poverty in Urban East Africa using advanced statistical methods

This research paper explores the extent to which information extracted from satellite images can help predict the distribution of extreme urban poverty in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

Authors: Peter Fisker, David Garcés-Urzainqui, Finn Tarp

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Poverty in India in the face of Covid-19: Diagnosis and prospects

Latest paper from India analysing the poverty data available and applying statistical methods to create synthetic data.

Authors: Peter Lanjouw, Hai-Anh Dang, Elise Vrijburg

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Understanding Poverty Dynamics and Vulnerability in Tanzania 2012–2018

Looking into the country dynamics of Tanzania where economic growth did not mean less poverty.

Authors: David Garcés-Urzainqui, Jehovaness Aikaeli, Kenneth Mdadila

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Poverty and vulnerability transitions in Myanmar: An analysis using synthetic panels

Poverty dynamics in Myanmar in light of last decade's social, political, and global changes.

Authors: Vincenzo Salvucci, Finn Tarp, Ines A. Ferreira

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Poverty and vulnerability in Mozambique: An analysis of dynamics and correlates in light of the Covid-19 crisis using synthetic panels

In-depth look at how Covid-19 and other global and regional factors alter the picture of poverty in Mozambique.

Authors: Finn Tarp, Vincenzo Salvucci

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Understanding poverty dynamics in Ethiopia: Implications for the likely impact of Covid-19

Poverty transitions in Ethiopia and related impacts explored in our latest paper.

Authors: Finn Tarp, Tseday J. Mekasha

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Constructing Synthetic Panels for the Purpose of Studying Poverty Dynamics: A Primer

Describing a recently developed approach for constructing synthetic panels from cross-section data

Authors: Peter Lanjouw, David Garcés-Urzainqui, Gerton Rongen

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Manual for the Estimation of a Synthetic Panel and Vulnerability Analysis

Methods and tools notes about Synthetic panel estimation

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How can new technology support better measurement of extreme poverty?

A paper exploring the suite of different data sources that can be used for measuring and investigating poverty, including new data sources and statistical techniques.

Authors: Nikos Tzavidis

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How can new technology support better measurement of extreme poverty? Research insight

A research insight summarising a longer review exploring how innovation in data collection, data processing, and data analysis, might provide solutions to ‘pinch points’ in policymaking and management

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How can new technology support better measurement of extreme poverty? Annexe

Annexe to the paper 'How can new technology support better measurement of extreme poverty?' covering methods for producing high-resolution and high-frequency poverty estimates.

Authors: Nikos Tzavidis

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What works to reduce extreme poverty? A selective review – working paper

As part of the inception phase of DEEP we have undertaken a selective review of what works to reduce extreme poverty in five countries.

Authors: John Hoddinott

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