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Night-time lights and Multidimensional Poverty in Conflict-torn Cabo Delgado

On the 5th of October 2017, 30 armed men stormed three police stations in Mocímboanda Praia, Cabo Delgado, wreaking havoc and killing two police officers (ISS, 2017). The population in the town, located in northern Mozambique, referred that most of the attackers were locals, who rejected the secular state and aimed to establish sharia rule.

The local population has been deeply affected by the ongoing conflict and, as of early 2023, more than 1.600 events of organized violence occurred in the region, leading to more than 4.500 fatalities.

This study estimates the impact of violent conflict on multidimensional poverty especially in the context of Mozambique. We use satellite imagery of night-time light (NTL) emission which is know to be highly correlated with conflict events and a good predictor of the outcomes of violence.

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