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Utilising first order dominance methodology to evaluate Multidimensional Poverty in Mozambique

The Government of Mozambique (GoM) emphasizes in its current 5-year Government Plan (2020-2024) the need to improve welfare and living standards for its people, reducing at the same time social inequalities and poverty, and creating an environment of peace, harmony, and safety.

For evidence-based policymaking in pursuit of these goals, the availability of detailed household data and in-depth analyses of the current state of the country are of the utmost importance.

The contribution of this paper is to develop and apply the First Order Dominance (FOD) method to all the existing household budget survey data for Mozambique, with the objective of assessing how multidimensional poverty has evolved over time as well as testing the robustness of the Household survey data.

Our findings confirm the poverty trends identified in the national poverty assessments and other studies.

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