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How migration and poverty relate to each other?

Migration is a growing global issue and yet the relationship between extreme poverty and migration is complex and thinking in this area is continuing to evolve. There have been recent efforts to renew focus and understanding of migration for promoting sustainable development. However, the data and evidence around this relationship is limited. We explain this data gap in the below graphic.

Using Big Data to transform the poverty conversation: a Small Area Estimation approach

Social protection programmes and appropriate policy are impactful drivers of poverty reduction but they need up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate data in order to effectively tackle the causes of poverty. In this blog we will discuss advanced statistical techniques using Big Data to generate granular poverty estimates at a much lower cost and more frequently than ever before, enabling more dynamic conversations to help end extreme poverty.

The peace predicament: How to make a meaningful impact on extreme poverty in a world of conflict

“There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development”, the UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable development asserts.

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Temperature variability as a driver of poverty in low- and middle-income countries