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Who we are

Our mission is to build evidence, insights, and solutions that help end extreme poverty globally.

We aim to contribute to new global and national data and evidence that governments, decision makers, citizens and researchers can use to improve people’s lives and support the world’s poorest people in their efforts to escape extreme poverty.

We are a consortium of the Universities of Cornell, Copenhagen, and Southampton led by Oxford Policy Management, in partnership with the World Bank’s Development Data Group and funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Ending global poverty cannot be achieved by one group alone. Through our consortium, our world-leading researchers will work in collaboration with the national, regional, and global networks of governments, ministries, academics, and citizen groups to support the world’s poorest people to escape extreme poverty.

Our goals

Our vision is that governments, decision makers, and citizens around the globe will have better access to data, tools, and solutions to help end extreme poverty.

Over seven years, our work will influence the design and implementation of policies, strategies, and investments by investigating:

  1. Who is living in extreme poverty and how is their situation evolving?
  2. What drives extreme poverty?
  3. How can we end extreme poverty?

Find out more about our three different research themes here.

Where we work

Extreme poverty, who it affects and how, differs from country to country, as do the drivers of poverty and the solutions for helping people out of poverty. DEEP’s work focuses on eight countries across Africa, South and South-East Asia: Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, and Myanmar.

In each of these countries, we work with national networks to bring together experience and expertise to develop and strengthen new and existing data, evidence and insights.  We will also pilot different tools with the researchers, policymakers, and institutions of our focus countries to design together solutions that work to help people out of extreme poverty.

Find out more about our locations here.

Our team

Through our consortium, our world-leading researchers will work in collaboration with ministries and national decision-makers, academics, and institutions, and the broader global community of development organisations to support the world’s poorest people to escape extreme poverty.

Find out more about our team and consortium partners.

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